Students of the Baltic Humanitarian Institute took an active part in the city events dedicated to Tatiana Day holiday. The Resurrection Smolny Cathedral - the main temple of Russian student - held Divine Liturgy. Service conducted by Archbishop Peterhof, the vicar of the St. Petersburg diocese, rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy Ambrose. The service was attended by the vice-governor of the city and Igor Alexander Govorunov Divinsky, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov, rector of St. Petersburg universities.

Then the ceremony of awarding the Medal of St. Tatiana of university students and their mentors. This year's awards were awarded to 17 of the most active students of the city and 25 youth mentors.
"Ceremonies charged our students the spirit of cheerfulness, good humor and a desire to improve their academic achievement, to be worthy of such an award!" - Said Vice-rector on UVR, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, k.psih.n., docent EV Fedossenko.

Traditional afternoon shot sounded today in honor of all the students and their future professional victories.
In the evening at the sports complex "Spartak" was held All-Russian action "Tatiana ice." Festivities will end the traditional student ball.